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Patent Law

The intellectual property law attorneys at Shuttleworth & Ingersoll have extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Experience in these areas of intellectual property includes counseling, licensing, and litigation, as well as providing opinions on validity and infringement, transactional due diligence, and employment issues.

In the area of patents, our six registered patent attorneys provide services that include invention and infringement counseling and litigation, patentability searching, and applying for and prosecuting U.S. and international patents for inventions in a wide variety of technical areas, including all art units in the United States Patent Office (USPTO) associated with mechanical, electrical and electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, computer software, business methods, and animal and medical fields. During the normal course of all aspects of these legal services, our patent attorneys regularly interact with individuals and with bench scientists, lab directors, research engineers, and tech transfer personnel. In addition, our attorneys have represented federal research agencies and research groups of major corporate entities in patent matters, and routinely work with research/engineering groups ranging from small groups to hundreds of engineers/scientists.

Working with associates in foreign countries, our foreign patent practice includes the capability to file in virtually any country that has a national or regional patent office. We have particular familiarity with PC member states, and the rules pertinent to PCT international filings. Our patent attorneys have routinely handled patent matters in EU member states and the European Patent Office, as well as in South America, China, South Korea, Mexico, Australia and Canada.

In handling matters before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the IP Group utilizes The Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS), the Electronic Filing System (EFS-Web) and the Patent Application Information Retrieval System (PAIR) as established by the USPTO. Thus, using these systems wherever possible, filings in the USPTO in both patent and trademark matters are made electronically to assure immediate receipt of all filings.

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll Intellectual Property Law Attorneys

Sort: Firstname  |  Lastname Email Phone
Tim Klima (Chair) (319) 731-2343
Marlana K. Titus (319) 365-9461
Mark L. Zaiger (319) 731-2213
Jason R. Sytsma (319) 365-9461
James C. Nemmers (Chair) (319) 365-9461
Dean R. Einck (319) 365-9461
Caroline M. Nash (319) 365-9461
Brett D. Papendick (319) 731-2365
Elizabeth L. Souer (319) 365-9461

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