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Mediation and Arbitration

Mediate or arbitrate instead of litigate.

Choosing alternative dispute resolution is the solution to keeping a conflict from leading to lengthy and expensive litigation. The decision to enter into mediation or arbitration is an important one. There are many factors to consider and our attorneys can advise you on your specific case to help determine whether mediation or arbitration is a better forum for your case.

S&I has mediation and arbitration specialists in the area of Business, Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Employee Benefits, Environmental Law, Estates, Family Law, Labor & Employment and Workers’ Compensation.

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll Mediation and Arbitration Attorneys

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John M. Bickel (Chair) (319) 731-2363
Allison M. Heffern (319) 731-2215
Steven J. Pace (319) 365-9461
Kristen A. Shaffer (319) 731-2399
Gary J. Streit (319) 731-2316
Mark L. Zaiger (319) 731-2213