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A New Day

Whatever the reason for your separation, a new day is waiting. At Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, our job is to help you find a way there.

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll family law attorneys assist clients in negotiating premarital/antenuptial agreements, dissolution of marriage proceedings (divorce), modifications of divorce, and child custody decrees. Our attorneys also have extensive experience in juvenile court and can assist with adoptions, termination of parental rights cases, guardianships, and child-in-need-of-assistance cases. We will work with you to meet your child custody and financial goals.

One of the benefits of working with our firm is that, in the appropriate case, we can work with our specialized practice groups to provide the competitive advantage you are seeking. In addition to the expertise of our family law specialists, other Shuttleworth & Ingersoll experts can assist with the business, tax, and wealth management aspects of divorce and family planning. In complex dissolutions, we use our expertise to value businesses, identify your assets and those of your spouse, and to develop strategies for disposition of retirement and investment accounts.

Whether you need to take your case to trial or prefer to resolve the matter through alternative dispute resolution, we can develop a strategy to match your needs and preferences. We are experienced in trials, appeals, mediation, settlement conferences, and collaborative divorces.

Divorce with Dignity

Attorney Caitlin Slessor discusses the approach taken by Shuttleworth & Ingersoll family law attorneys to help clients through a divorce case with dignity, moving past what is often one of the most challenging times in their life.

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll Family Law Attorneys

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Allison M. Heffern (Chair) (319) 731-2215
Stephen B. Jackson, Sr. (319) 365-9461
Kristen A. Shaffer (319) 731-2399
Caitlin L. Slessor (319) 731-2394