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Business Formation and Startups

We provide practical, timely, and cost-effective legal advice, so our clients can focus on launching their business.

The Startups & Innovators team at Shuttleworth & Ingersoll focuses on representing startups and entrepreneurs. 

We take an interdisciplinary approach to solving our client’s problems. The Startups & Innovators team includes attorneys with corporate, tax, securities, intellectual property, and employment law expertise. We regularly work with companies at all stages of development and in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, biotechnology, electronics, information technology, and software. Our unique approach allows us to leverage our collective expertise to answer your most pressing questions.

How do I form my business?

After forming your idea, the next step is to legally form and organize your company. Whether you want to form a limited liability company, corporation, or other business association, the Startups & Innovators team will provide direct and relevant guidance so that you may organize your company in a strategic, effective, and tax-efficient manner. We understand that the entity selection process is the foundation from which your company will operate and expand.

How do I fund my business?

From its initial organization to operations and expansion, your business will require funds. Whether you are interested in equity funding or debt financing through financial institutions, venture funds, or angel investors, the Startups & Innovators team will provide clear and precise guidance to help your business obtain necessary funding. We have in-depth experience in counseling clients of all sizes in all types of funding sources, including equity, debt, and alternative financing, including government loans, grants, and tax credits. Our goal is to competitively position you within your market and keep you operating as efficiently as possible.

How do I protect my idea?

You have invested time, energy, and creativity into nurturing your idea to fruition. Your investment should be well protected. The Startups & Innovators team will help identify your intellectual property and develop a plan to safeguard and protect it so your business can succeed. We will use our expertise in patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and contracts to help secure your intellectual property with the goal of increasing your startup’s value.

How do I build my team?

After you have solidified your idea, protected your interests, and formed your organization, you will need people to help your organization grow. The Startups & Innovators team will help identify key risk issues in the growth of your business. Whether it includes employees or independent contractors, the growth of your team is our shared goal. We understand the risks and rewards of growth and are ready to help.

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll Business Formation and Startups Attorneys

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Sarah C. Thielen (319) 365-9461
Jason R. Sytsma (Chair) (319) 365-9461
Elizabeth L. Souer (319) 365-9461
Kristymarie Shipley (319) 365-9461
Kristin F. Petersen (319) 365-9461
Brett D. Papendick (319) 731-2365
Jonathan C. Landon (319) 365-9461
Tim Klima (319) 731-2343
Mark P. A. Hudson (319) 731-2230
Dean R. Einck (319) 365-9461
Laurie L. Dawley (319) 731-2371
William J. Daly (Chair) (319) 731-2224
Brian D. Bergstrom (319) 731-2236
Jared S. Adam (319) 731-2310

Articles & Insights: Business Formation and Startups

Our attorneys publish articles and alerts on relevant topics to help our clients understand the law and develop a strategy for success.

Connecting the Dots from Formation to Capital

Connecting the Dots from Formation to Capital

Entrepreneurs typically start businesses because they believe the product or service they are offering is either unique in the marketplace or they can do it better than existing providers. In this process, entrepreneurs often recognize the need to establish a formal business entity, but don't always appreciate that their initial choice can have a wide-ranging effect on how the company operates and grows.
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Raising Capital—Private Offerings, Reg D Exemptions, and Use of a ΓÇ£Form DΓÇ¥

Raising Capital—Private Offerings, Reg D Exemptions, and Use of a “Form D”

Raising capital for a new or growing company can be a challenging process, not only because it involves convincing people and investors that the company is worth investing money into and its growth potential, but also because it can involve a myriad of complicated legal issues.
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Intellectual Property Law, Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, P.L.C.

Should I Apply for a Design Patent or a Utility Patent?

While design patents protect the ornamental or non-utilitarian features of an invention, utility patents protect the way a product functions or is made. Put another way, a design patent protects the appearance of a particular product but not the underlying utility.
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